Themes progressing: several funding calls active

We have been using Twitter to make announcements, primarily, but it seems good to have some notes on our activity here.

The AI Intelligibility & Public Trust theme was the first theme up and running, and has three projects operational.

The Beyond Smart Cities theme is in the process of setting up contracts for its three projects.

The Mental Health theme had its workshop, and its call for funding is open until Feb 14th, 2020.

The Human-Data Interaction in Art, Music & the Culture Industries theme also has had its agenda-setting workshop, and its call for funding is open until Jan 31st 2020.

The Skills, Education and Training theme plans to run its workshop in early February, with a funding call to follow ~6 weeks after.

The IoT, System Design and the Law theme will run its workshop on Feb 5th, and its funding call will close on March 16th.

The workshops for the AI and the Regulatory Environment in the UK and Auditing, Accounting and Ledgers themes are planned for the first quarter of the new year, as well as the workshop for the final and as-yet-unnamed theme that we are shaping up.

Author: mjchalmers

Professor of computer science at U. Glasgow, UK.

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