Call for Projects: Human-Data Interaction in Art, Music & the Culture Industries

We have just launched a new call for projects, after our workshop in Somerset House, London. Please visit the Call Page for more!  Deadline: Friday, 31st January, 2020. 

Scope of the call: In September, Atau Tanaka and Alan Munro from the HDI team teamed up with the Music Hackspace to run a cross-sectoral workshop to help us shape up this theme. Based on the outcomes of that workshop, we particularly welcome proposals that address HDI tenets of Legibility, Agency, and Negotiability in areas of musical composition, performance, and listening, art and generative art, and the cultural sector at large. Examples include:

  • Legibility in intelligent computer accompaniment of musical performance 
  • Agency in the use of style transfer to generate visual art
  • Negotiability and the importance to “talking back” to content recommendation engines 

 These issues are not exclusive – we will consider all projects that address issues core to AI  and machine learning in music and the arts. We encourage partnerships between artists and academics. For administrative purposes, an academic needs to submit the application.  All projects must also address one or more of the tenets of HDI (legibility, agency, negotiability). The application process is lightweight, and we particularly welcome applications from early career researchers. 

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