Workshop Report – IoT, System Design, and the Law

IoT, System Design, and the Law: Workshop and Funding Call

This workshop took place at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, (IALS) University of London, on 5th February, 2020.


About this workshop: Whether based on doctrinal analysis, or empirical research, papers should offer an original perspective on the implications posed by the IoT for HDI, data privacy, and the role of the human in this data-driven and data-sharing environment. This scope covers challenges posed in the field of engineering, privacy, data protection and security, law, governance and policy, and other related academic disciplines.

A keynote address was given by Prof. Yvonne Rogers.

Topics of particular interest include:

  • Ensuring transparency and legibility of data processing
  • Openness of algorithmic design and operation
  • User control and agency
  • Data privacy and encryption
  • Fairness and profiling
  • Right to data portability
  • Data retention and review of storage
  • Data Protection by Design and Default
  • Impact of legal regimes, EU GDPR and US FTC regulations
  • Data breaches and notifications
  • Wearables and location data
  • IoT as a surveillance mechansim



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