Learning, Skills and Social Justice

It has been said that privacy is dead, and that citizens should simply accept that sharing their data is the latest phase of capitalism: If we have nothing to hide then we have nothing to fear.  We are tracked everyday  store-cards, travelcards, applications on our mobile phone, cookies on the internet.But shouldnt we have a choice? What about those in society who are already marginalized  what kinds of skills might they need to make informed decisions about sharing their data?

In this theme, led by Ewa Luger (U. Edinburgh) we ask – how do we support and empower all aspects of society to function in a world where almost every aspect of our lives results in data trails? This might include questions around literacy, power, access to resources, and responses to surveillance capitalism.

How can the concept of Human Data Interaction help us improve or adapt the ways that people learn about data-driven systems’ functions, benefits and risks? This theme will look at the skills, education and training required to deal with a data-driven world, and especially, how they might interface with HDI’s tenets of Legibility, Agency and Negotiability?

The workshop for this theme was very successful, and took place on Friday, 7th February. A call was launched and the successful projects have been chosen. We will be updating project descriptions of the ongoing successful projects soon.